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20 Most Asked Questions About the Amish and Mennonites

20 Most Asked Questions About the Amish and Mennonites

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20 Most Asked Questions by Merle & Phyllis Good, People's Place Book #1

Table of Contents
1 - What is the difference between the Amish and the Mennonites?
2 - When and how did these people get started?
3 - Are they a Christian group or do they represent a different religion?
4 - Aren't they a bit naive and backward?
5 - Does anyone ever join them? Does anyone ever leave?
6 - Why do they dress that way?
7 - Is it true they don't go to war?
8 - Why are they against education?
9 - Why are they such good farmers?
10 - Why don't they pay Social Security taxes?
11 - Do any of the Amish or Mennonite groups believe in missions?
12 -What are their weddings like?
13 - How are their women and children treated?
14 - Is food a part of their religion?
15 - Do they go to doctors and hospitals?
16 - What about burial?
17 - Don't they believe in having fun?
18 - What are some of their problems?
19 - Are they growing or dying in number?
20 - What in fact holds them together 

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